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What Are Different Types of Custom Keychains?

Keychains are the unsung heroes of keeping your essentials safe. They don’t cost much and help you keep track of that trusty backdoor key. At the same time, different types of keychains can be fun accessories, helping you express your personality. In some cases, they can even be conversation starters.

The bottom line is that there’s a lot that keychains can do. But all kinds of variations can take their appeal to the next level. Here, we’ll cover the different types of keychains.

What Are Different Types of Custom Keychains?

Shiny Metal Keychains

Metal keychains are the most common. They’re sturdy and reliable. If you’ve ever owned one, you know that it can last a long time. These keychains also allow for all kinds of customization. Sports teams, brands, businesses, cartoons, and cultural figures — you name it!

But if you think that metal keychains only look good, guess again. Their construction supports an important function. Firstly, they add weight to your keys, making them harder to lose in deep pockets or a bag.

However, you should reserve metal keychains for important stuff like house entrances and office keys. Too many metal keychains in a bag can add a lot of bulk.

Typically, metal keychains are made from plated nickel and have a key ring attached directly to it. Nickel doesn’t corrode easily, but avoid keeping metal keychains in overly humid environments.

Flexible PVC Keychains

Although lighter than their metal counterparts, PVC keychains are no less useful types of keychains. In fact, they’re incredibly durable and flexible and allow for more vibrant colors. Provided you don’t lose them, they can last just as long as metal keychains.

The only downside is that they don’t jingle when you look for them, making them harder to find when searching your bag. On the other hand, they make less noise in pockets. Custom PVC keychains typically feature cartoon characters with bright colors, though logos emblems, flags, and sports teams aren’t uncommon either.

They’re also the most customizable, coming in all shapes and sizes. They’re perfect if you want to save on sets and show off your brand, as they’re typically less expensive.

Authentic Embroidered (Patch) Keychains

Instead of going plastic or metal, try embroidered or patch keychains instead. These types of keychains offer a cool alternative with often intricate-looking handiwork. Technically, you can even make them yourself.

Embroidered logo Keychain green customkeychains

These tend to be more individualized in manufacturing, so each company might make them differently. Woven patch keychains provide more detailed text, while embroidered options use thicker, durable threads for a more textured feel.

The only downside with embroidered keychains is that they don’t put much weight on your essentials. However, we must admit that they give a vintage, aesthetic look as an accessory.

Handy Bottle Opener Keychains

Remember when we said that keychains can be good conversation starters? Well, we meant it.

Impress everyone by being ready to open beer bottles with a bottle opener key chain. They’re made from metal, but they deserve a category of their own. These keychains are not uncommon to be crafted into different shapes, resembling guitars, animals, and objects. These make a great gift, and beverage companies often use them as promotional merch.

Elegant Leather Keychains

For options that have an extra flair, consider a leather keychain. They might be a bit more expensive, but they come in various customizable shapes and sizes. They’re hard to miss and look especially good when paired with a leather wallet in the same shade.

Remember that quality leather can look even better with age. At the same time, bad imitation leather will frequently fall apart and become less sturdy over time.

These types of keychains are typically weightier than embroidered options. However, some might miss the familiar jingle of metal keychains.

Brilliant Flashlight Keychains

The good thing about different types of keychains is that they can be helpful tools in more ways than one. That’s why many brands and companies opt for making flashlight keychains. This adds some additional practicality to your accessory.

Orange led flashlight keychains black background customkeychains

Sure, these keychains don’t exactly shine the brightest lights. However, they can still be useful for finding change fallen under the table or illuminating other small crevices.

As a downside, flashlight keychains don’t last very long and will have convoluted ways of replacing the battery (if it’s even replaceable), so they might fail when you need them most.

Fully-Functional Pen Keychains

If you’re a student, work in an office, or need to constantly sign documents, then a pen key chain can become your best friend. In many cases, these are just pens with a key ring attached. However, some specific stylized options can even fit in your pocket.

The only drawbacks of pen keychains are that it can be easy to lose the cap if it comes with one, and the ink may not last a long time without the ability to be refilled.

Other Custom Keychains

As you may have noticed by now, there are a lot of different types of keychains. While we’ve mentioned some of the most common, other examples of custom keychains include:

  • Acrylic keychains
  • Lanyard keychains
  • Epoxy keychains
  • Neoprene keychains
  • Glass keychains
  • USB flash drive keychains
  • Stress ball keychains
  • Gemstone keychains
  • Wooden keychains
  • Magnetic keychains
  • Plush keychains

It’s worth mentioning that while these types of keychains exist, they might be less common than the ones we’ve mentioned previously. They might also have much less customization options.

Choosing the Right Customizable Keychain for You

If you want your customizable keychain, there are a few things to remember. For example, metal keychains work best on house keys and help with other essential access points.

PVC and embroidered types of keychains are more of an accessory. Likewise, many keychain types serve multiple functions, such as opening bottles, USB storage, and writing.

You’ll also want to consider your keychain’s overall design. Eye-catching colors are easier to spot while adding a quote or other specifics can be an excellent option for a gift.

If you need help picking up your custom keychain, go to CustomKeychainNow and browse through the vast collection or consult support for inspiration.

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