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How to Make a Personalized Acrylic Keychain

Whether you want to surprise a loved one or spruce up your keychain collection, making a personalized acrylic keychain is a great call. It allows you to pour all your creativity and attention to detail into the accessory, resulting in a tastefully crafted item. 

Since constructing these keychains can be tricky, you could use a few pointers. This tutorial on how to make custom keychains will provide just that.

How to Make a Personalized Acrylic Keychain

How to Make Custom Keychains from Acrylic

Making a custom acrylic keychain at home is virtually impossible unless you have advanced equipment and vast experience. But don’t wave the white flag just yet. You can get stunning personalized keychains without rolling your sleeves. 

The secret is to partner with a reputable acrylic keychain provider. You can choose from numerous options, but Custom Keychain Now is the go-to pick for many keychain enthusiasts. 

Here’s how you can craft stylish acrylic keychains on their website: 

  1. Head to the Custom Keychain Now website.
  2. In the “Fully Customize Keychain” section, select “Acrylic Keychain.” This page is also accessible through the top bar (“Keychains” > “Acrylic Keychains”).
  3. Make sure the “Acrylic Keychain” style is still selected and pick the desired shape. A number of options are available, including round, square, and rectangle. If neither works for you, click “Custom Shape.”
  4. Choose the appropriate finish. Custom Keychain Now has Glossy, Frosted, and Holographic finishes. 
  5. Select the glitter type. Regular, Star, Diamond, and Full glitter are available. You can also choose “None” if you don’t want any glitter on your keychain. 
  6. Tell the system whether or not you wish to add a dual clip to your acrylic keychain by pressing “Yes” or “No.” 
  7. Opt for your clip in the “Clip 1” menu. The tool provides dozens of styles, such as Gold Split Ring, Silver Cat, Rose Gold Rabbit, Silver Flower, Silver Dolphin, and Gold Shell. 
  8. Decide if your personalized keychain will have a chain. If yes, choose from Short, Long, and Double D chains. If not, press “None” and move on. 
  9. Choose whether you want an Individual Bag or Individual Bag and a Custom Cardboard in the “Select Packaging” section.
  10. Experiment with colors until you find the most stunning nuance. The possibilities are virtually endless, including light blue, hot pink, orange, black, white, green, burgundy, and yellow. You can even mix different shades to create an eye-catching new color by pressing the “Custom Color” button. 
  11. Wrap it up in the “Customize Your Keychain” field. Here, you can enter various details to add finishing touches to your accessory, like the width, height, artwork, and printing option. The website also allows you to make special requests in the “Additional Instructions” area. 
  12. In the “Artwork Type” selector, you can choose the default “Upload Artwork” and drag and drop a file to upload. Alternatively, you can use the “Additional Instructions” textbox and select “Help with Artwork” to have website staff assist you with the perfect artwork.
  13. Press the guaranteed delivery date that works best for you, hit “Add to Cart”, and finalize your payment.

What Makes Acrylic Keychains so Awesome?

Thanks to Custom Keychain Now, you’ll never need another guide on how to make custom keychains. But what makes these keychains so amazing? There are many reasons: 

  • Amazing looks – Acrylic keychains can incorporate pretty much any design. For instance, you can make a house-shaped keychain so you don’t confuse your home keys with garage keys. 
  • Color versatility – Acrylic is a flexible material that accepts countless colors. Whether you want to keep it neutral with a black/white tone or try a rainbow shade, your keychain will look fantastic. 
  • Durability – Acrylic keychains are built to last. They can endure falls and bumps without shattering. 
  • Lightweight construction – Another great thing about acrylic keychains is that they’re light. Most weigh just 0.3-0.5 ounces. 
  • Highlighting your brand – If you’re a business owner, an acrylic keychain can help raise awareness of your company. By highlighting an etched logo of your enterprise, a keychain introduces your organization to passers-by.
Custom Printed Clear Acrylic Keychains

Why Choose Custom Keychain Now for Your Personalized Acrylic Keychain?

You’ve just learned how to make custom keychains with Custom Keychain Now. Here’s why this provider is such a great option: 

  • Ease of use – Custom Keychain Now makes it easy to create even the most intricate acrylic keychains, thanks to the intuitive step-by-step interface. 
  • Flexibility – You can choose from many colors, shapes, sizes, and accessories, allowing you to create a unique keychain. 
  • Reliability – Custom Keychain Now uses top-quality acrylic to make some of the most durable keychains. 
  • Fast delivery – The company guarantees that your product will arrive on time. Few other (if any) providers can claim this. 
  • Top-notch customer support – If you need help designing your keychain, Custom Keychain Now technical support will be your North Star. Their customer service can also provide updates on your delivery, so you can monitor the shipment

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Knowing how to make custom keychains made of acrylic is nice. It’s straightforward but remember – your keychain will only be good if you tap into your creativity. So, play with all the shapes, designs, and textures until you achieve perfection.


How do I make a personalized acrylic keychain?

The easiest way to make a personalized acrylic keychain is to visit a specialized website like Custom Keychain Now. It lets you craft your keychain in a few simple steps and the result will get shipped to your doors.

Are acrylic keychains good?

Yes. Acrylic keychains are good because they’re durable, lightweight, and look great.

How long does it take to make a custom keychain?

Depending on the website you’re using and the intricacy of the keychain, it can take just a few minutes to more than an hour to design a custom keychain.

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