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10+ DIY Keychain Ideas for Kids to Make at Home

The keychain market is vast, but it’s packed with generic products. As a youngster, you need something that reflects your booming personality. The answer lies in DIY keychains.

If you need inspiration for your keychain, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best ideas for DIY keychains.

10+ DIY Keychain Ideas for Kids to Make at Home

DIY Keychain #1 – Ice Cream Cones Keychain

Stack two or three felt balls on top of a plastic or cardboard cone, and you’ll get a simple yet eye-catching keychain. Keep in mind that you’ll probably need a lot of glue to secure all the components. For extra flair, make sure the ice cream balls are different colors.

DIY Keychain #2 – Scrap Wood Keychain

Take some scrap wood and mold it into different shapes. That’s it – within minutes, you’ll get a robust, sleek keychain, especially if you use tasteful colors. Don’t forget to ask your parents or older siblings for help since you’ll need to use a handsaw or other sharp tools.

DIY Keychain #3 – Animal Figurine Keychain

Dollar stores are chock-full of animal figurines. They usually come with several cutouts (e.g., ear holes), where you can attach them to your keys. Find your spirit animal, coat it with spray paint, and fit it with an eye screw to make a fully functional keychain.

Marble background napkin black and whit

DIY Keychain #4 – Fruit Keychain

While you’re at a dollar store, look for tiny fruits as well. Typically made of clay or plastics, they work wonderfully well as keychains. You can even combine multiple items into one and get a proper fruit salad linked to your keys.

DIY Keychain #5 – Heart-Shaped Clay Keychain

A great thing about clay is that it can be molded into virtually any shape, meaning there’s tremendous potential for DIY keychains. One of the best shapes for girls is a heart. Use a cookie cutter to embellish the keychain with letters or flowers for cuteness overload.

DIY Keychain #6 – Shrunk Plastic Keychain

If you really want to test your DIY keychain abilities, heat shrinking is an excellent choice. Buy a sheet of shrinking plastics and decorate it with your favorite shapes and colors. From there, cut it out and pop it into the oven according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Hook it up to your keys, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind keychain.

DIY Keychain #7 – Felt Cactus Keychain

Another way to use felt is to shape it into a cactus. The simplest way to do this is to use just one layer of felt, but this would leave the other side blank. Instead, stitch two sides together to create a 3D look.

DIY Keychain #8 – Pom Pom Keychain

Pom pom keychains might be the simplest idea. Just buy a pom pom or two and chain them together. Their fluffy texture will make heads turn and make it easier for you to hold your keys.

Hand holding diy keychain of bell with flower

DIY Keychain #9 – Monogram Keychain

Monogram ideas are endless. You could carve out a letter of your first name, your dog’s name, or something entirely random. When it comes to materials, a number of options are available, like plastics, wood, and clay, as long as you have chiseling equipment or other tools.

DIY Keychain #10 – Braided Keychain

What better way to reuse old shoe laces than to turn them into a keychain? The premise is simple – you take five or six differently colored shoe laces and tie them into a braid. Leave a loop at the end where you’ll secure your keychain and tie a knot at the other end to keep the braid intact.

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Should you make DIY keychains?

Yes. DIY keychains are generally better than standard keychains because they allow you to create any design using any material.

How long does it take to make a DIY keychain?

It would take you weeks or months to make a DIY keychain on your own. By contrast, an easier way to get a unique keychain is to use the Custom Keychain Now website. It only takes a few clicks to design the perfect product.

What are popular keychain materials?

Acrylic, PVC, rubber, enamel, and leather are some of the most common keychain materials.

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