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How to Make Cute Keychains for Car Keys at Home

Cute keychains are a delightful addition to your keys or other personal belongings. They instantly add color and identity to any item, no matter how mundane. And let’s not forget about their practical purpose, as they help you spot your keys easily, eliminating the daily frustration of searching for them.

Of course, there are countless places where you can buy cute keychains for car keys. But there’s a certain charm to making these accessories yourself, as you can fully personalize them to reflect your unique style.

You can approach this DIY process in numerous ways. This guide will show you the best of them.

How to Make Cute Keychains for Car Keys at Home

7 Ways to Make Cute Keychains for Car Keys

If you love DIY, you’ll be happy to know keychains can be made with virtually anything you have lying around. However, our list only includes methods with the same result – incredibly cute keychains for car keys!

Another common thread is that all of these DIY keychains call for a key ring, so make sure to stock up on those before starting.

1. The Wood Bead Keychain

This idea has all the makings of the perfect DIY project – it’s simple to make yet extremely impactful. All you need are wood beads of different shapes and colors and a piece of leather thong. From there, let your imagination take over. Think of this project as a game of Tetris and stack the beads to make them fit aesthetically. The beauty of this idea lies in the ability to add some similarly shaped items that have emotional significance (e.g., a tiny seashell), thus always keeping them close to you.

2. The Friendship Bracelet Keychain

Since Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras Tour took over the world, friendship bracelets have become all the rage. Seemingly, everyone is making, exchanging, and gifting them, spreading joy all around. What’s great about friendship bracelets is that they can easily become cute keychains for car keys. Use the same technique, but instead of closing the bracelet, leave it open and attach a key ring on one end. If you’re a Swiftie, this is the perfect idea, as you’ll already have all the materials necessary to pull this project off.

3. The Heart-Shaped Keychain

This idea calls for some specific materials and tools, but given the adorable end result, the effort will be truly worth it. You’ll need pre-cut leather hearts, a stamping kit, and a hole punch tool to make it happen. Use the stamps to personalize the heart with things like your initials, cute sayings, or meaningful dates. Then, simply punch a hole in the side and attach the key ring. Also, consider applying leather conditioner to keep your masterpiece looking its best for a long time.

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4. The Clay Keychain

Some have referred to air-dry clay as Play-Doh for adults, and this description couldn’t be more accurate. Using this versatile material, you can make all sorts of fun objects, including keychains. The supplies you’ll need for this project depend on the design you come up with. The clay and clay cutters are the only must-haves. From there, look for lettering sets, acrylic paints, texture sheets, charms, and other embellishments to transform your vision into reality.

5. The Braided Keychain

Do you want a big, colorful keychain you can easily spot across the room? If so, this idea is for you. You’ll only need some old T-shirts or fabric scraps and some patience. Cut shirts of different colors in long strips and stretch them out. Attach the key ring to one end and firmly tie all the strips together. Then, start braiding. A French braid might look the best, but do any style you’re comfortable with. Once satisfied with the length, use another strip to tie the end in a knot. If any unruly strips are left behind, simply trim them off.

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6. The Pom-Pom Keychain

Pom-poms undoubtedly deserve a place on cute keychains for car keys. They’re colorful, fun, and fluffy, everything you think about when hearing the word “cute.” Like with wood beads, there are numerous ways to approach this project. You can get one huge pom-pom and attach it to a key ring using a small chain. Alternatively, stack several smaller ones of different colors to create a playful multi-colored masterpiece. It’s up to you!

7. The Crocheted Keychain

If you’ve dabbled in crocheting, you know that you can make virtually anything with just a crochet hook and some yarn. Cute keychains for car keys are no different. The best thing about this idea is that anything can become a keychain. Crochet an adorable cat, a tiny hot air balloon, or a mini watermelon slice. The choice is all yours! Afterward, attach the key ring using a matching piece of yarn, and your keychain is good to go.

Where to Get Custom-Made Cute Keychains for Car Keys

Suppose you aren’t particularly DIY-savvy but don’t want to miss out on sporting some adorable keychains. Don’t worry; we’ve got just the solution. Make your cute keychains for car keys at Custom Keychain Now. This allows you to fully customize the design of your keychain, including the shape, color, print, and material. It’s like creating it yourself but without all the hassle! Design your keychains today, and you’ll be able to enjoy or gift highly personalized beauties in no time.

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